Mrs Dafne Anghelidis is the owner and General Manager of Agencia Maritima Intercontinental S.R.L. ARGENTINA

Graduated in the University of Merchant Marine in Buenos Aires, Argentina, her diploma is Licencee in Shipping Business. Her professional career started with the attendance of break bulk shipments. Later on she continued her career in the reefer transportation industry as chartering manager of a Dutch shipping line, Seatrade Groningen, in Buenos Aires, being in charge of freight negotiations with fruit, beef and fish exporters. Five years later, she was hired by Maersk Line in Argentina to develop the containerization of reefer cargo, turning the fish and fruit shipments from reefer break bulk into containers. After 16 years of employment in Maersk Line, she became General Manager of the family company Agencia Maritima Intercontinental S.R.L. Shipping Agency, developing the Logistics Division of perishable cargo and the attendance of vessels as ship owners representative.

In 2014 she joined WISTA Argentina, in 2016 she became the Secretary General of WISTA Argentina, in 2019 she was elected president of WISTA Argentina, in 2022 she was elected EXCO member of WISTA International.